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My name is Angelica and I am the proud founder of F-EAT. The idea of developing an innovative product came to my mind while I was attending my last year of university. Living a healthy lifestyle is of great importance to me, as I struggled with eating disorders for years. I managed to get my life back when I started to exercise and eat plenty of wholesome foods - I felt that great, that I wanted others feel exactly the same!

So with a background in nutrition and food technology, I realized I had all the tools to make this happen.

A few months and a lot of hard working hours later, F-EAT came to life.

Our aim is to engage people with a healthier lifestyle, to make them feel great, and ultimately look great. 

We continuously work on new, innovative products to ensure people can achieve a full range of health benefits.

If you are a health passionate individual like we are, we would be glad to have you with us during our journey! 

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