Get Fit This Valentine With These Amazing Exercises To Do With Your Partner!

Working toward your #fitness and exercise #goals as a #couple is one of the most rewarding experiences out there.

And what better day to do that than on Valentine’s Day?

Here is a range of exercises we selected for you to do with your significant half:

1. Wheelbarrow Push-Ups

A great exercise to develop your chest, triceps, shoulders, and core, while your partner works on their arm and grip strength.

Like the regular push-up, have your partner grab your feet and elevate them to their hip level. Meanwhile, work on keeping your body straight and perform push-ups.

Then, switch positions and go again.

2. Partner Leg Throwdowns

An incredibly fun and dynamic exercise that trains your core like no other.

Lie on the ground and have your partner stand over your head. Grab onto their ankles for balance and begin raising your legs toward them. Have them push your legs down and repeat.

Then, switch positions and throw their legs down.

3. Medicine Ball Sit-Up With a Pass

If you’re looking for a great way to perform the sit-up and have fun with your partner, then the medicine ball sit-up with a pass is the choice for you.

To perform it, lie down with your feet facing your partner’s and your lower legs interlocked. One of you should hold the ball, perform a sit-up, and throw it toward the other person. Once you or your partner catches the ball, perform a sit-up and throw it back.

4. Resistance Band Chest Press (Partner Holding The Band)

The chest press is one of the few must-have exercises in an upper-body workout, as they do a great job of developing your core, shoulders, triceps, and chest.

To perform it, have your partner hold a resistance band at its center. Then, grab it by its handles, step away, keep your elbows tucked in, and the band close to your torso. From there, push through, so your elbows extend fully. Keep repeating.

Then, reverse your roles and have your partner perform a set of chest press.

5. Squat With Rotational Medicine Ball Pass

This exercise does a great job of developing isometric strength, our legs, and our core. It also trains our obliques quite effectively and is excellent for shoulder health.

To perform it, stand back-to-back with your partner and simultaneously descend to the bottom of the squat, so your thighs become parallel to the floor. Hold the ball at chest height and slowly rotate to the right, passing the ball to your partner. Once they receive it from their left side, they should also turn to the right and give it back to your opposite side. When seen from above, passing the ball back and forth should resemble a circle.

6. Triceps Kickbacks With A Resistance Band (Partner Holding The Band)

If you’re looking for an active exercise to isolate your triceps and have an excellent workout with your partner, the resistance band tricep kickback is one of the best options.

To perform it, have your partner hold a resistance band at its middle point. From there, grab both ends and step away from your partner while facing them. Then, lower your torso, so it becomes almost parallel to the ground. Your butt should be back and lower back in a neutral position.

Keep your elbows steady and to your sides. Slowly extend both forearms back as you fully straighten your elbows. Keep repeating.

Then, switch positions and have your partner perform a set.

Many couples enjoy the benefits of exercising together, as this was also found to create a deeper bond between couples. If you give these exercises a go, don't forget to post it on your social media using the Hashtag #FEATVALENTINE , so we can see how great you look!


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