Whey protein concentrate fortified with bovine collagen peptides to support joint health during your training routine or your day to day activities.  Consume as a protein shake, in smoothies, mixed with yogurt or add to your pancake batter to make protein pancakes.  

Our Whey Concentrate with Collagen Peptides is unflavoured, meaning that you can add your preferred flavour of choice.

This premium whey concentrate with bovine collagen peptides will help you gain lean muscle while repairing tears due to training. This product contains no artificial sweeteners, additives, sugar or fillers, giving you 100% of quality in each scoop. Collagen will also sustain your nails, hair and skin health, whilst also taking care of your ligaments, bones, muscles and connective tissues.

Whey Concentrate with Bovine Collagen Peptide

  • Serving size varies upon goal. We suggest to use 25/50g of product per day as a snack or after workouts. 

    Mix in a shaker with your milk of choice. Our protein is unflavoured, therefore add fruit, sweetener or other flavourings based on your personal taste. 

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